Custom Brake Hose

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Custom Brake Hose

Passionately assemble in-house.

Supplied by industrial leading manufacturer with varies international standard and based at our humble production plant at Vertex, Ubi area, we are able to perform “in house” all the phases of the production process, from measuring, fitting, cutting and crimping in a controlled atmosphere. All our brake lines were assemble with machine operated hydraulic crimper with specific pressure.

The benefit of braided lines is the durability; over time rubber brake lines become soft so, as they expand under pressure, you lose some of the force that’s applied to the brake pistons; your brakes end up feeling a little spongy and slower to respond. However, the advantages to putting braided lines on a brand new bike that has rubber lines is however minimal – it’s as they start to wear over time that the difference will be felt. Passionately assemble in-house.




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